Hemis Festivals

The festival of Hemis is celebrated on the 10th day (Tse-Chu) of the Tibetan lunar month which is the birthday of Padmasambhava (Guru Rimpoche), who was the founder of Tibetan Buddhism.

Hundreds of followers of Budhism come from Tibet, Ladakh & other parts of world, dressed in their finest attire.
Though this 2-day event takes place annually, once every 12 years in the Tibetan Year of the Monkey, the Hemis Monastery will host the ritual unfurling of a giant Thangka (Buddhist religious mural) depicting Padmasambhava.

The Thangka is richly embroidered with pearls and semi-precious stones and hangs two-storeys down, covering almost the entire facade of the building.

Hemis in Ladakh is situated at a distance of 40 km southeast of Leh.
Famous for spectacular scenic beauty, exotic wildlife, varied cultural influences and the historic Hemis Monastery.

Noteworthy amongst the many treasures housed within the monastery, is the exquisite Buddha Shakyamuni, which is studded with precious gems. The serene-faced colossus sits in the Cho-khang chamber at the far end of the courtyard, along with some richly inlaid, silver Chortens.

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