Zanskar Tour

Zanskar in the Kargil sub-division of Ladakh is located between the Great Himalayan Range to the south and the Indus Valley to the North. Zanskar river, which flows through it, joins the Indus a little below Leh. The whole Zanskar Valley is situated in the inner Himalaya and is higher than most other areas of Ladakh. The Climate is very harsh and the area receives precious little rain. The great attractions are the Buddhist culture, beautiful monasteries, awe-inspiring barren montainscape and the twin peaks of Nun(7135m) and Kun (7077m).

Towards the western end of the Himalayas a series of continuous mountain ridges, comprising scores of 6000 metre (20000 foot) peaks, forms an effective barrier between the Indian provinces of Lahaul and Ladakh. Linking these contrasting mountainous regions is a trekking route that provides one of the great challenges of the Indian Himalaya.

Padam is the Head quarter of Zanskar and can be reached by a rough road from Kargil. Along this highway are glimpsed unforgettable sights of Nun- Kun, Barnaj, Doda and other high Peaks, and views of several glaciers, such as Ringdom, Pensi, Darung, Drung and kange.

On the way one can visit the famous Ringdom Gompa. A bus service operates on the first stage from Kargil through the Suru Valley to Panikhar. Beyong that jeeps and lorries continue over the Pensi La(4401m) to Padam. The population is a mixture of Buddhists and Muslims, sometimes both belonging to the same family.

Several small hotels and eating shope have appeared since the 1980s, while necessary provisions and kerosene oil can be purchased. The small town has a school, post office and a tourist office. Phuktal, Karsha, Burdun and Zong-Khul monasteries are worth a visit, all near Padam. Strong cold winds blow on most afternoons.

Situated at the confluence of Doda and Tsarap Lingti rivers, the valley here extends in a broad plain between high mountains.

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